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Student Rental Review Website

WhichPad is powered by the collective wisdom and experience of current and former members of the student rental community. The platform is here to empower and inform student renters like you making accommodation decisions right now – and so your ratings and reviews are vital to its success. So please tell your stories and share your insights and advice with the WhichPad community.

Your feedback literally powers the site. So good, bad, funny, or tragic, review and rate the places you’ve stayed and help people like you make better choices. We started ‘WhichPad’ in response to our own experience with searching for a student rental. Looking back, we wish we had the ability to look up truthful, honest, unbiased reviews from other students on their student letting agency.

Think about the last time you bought something on Amazon, for instance. Chances are, one of the first things you checked was the overall star rating of the product. And that rating is the by-product of individual online reviews.

By Leaving a review on the WhichPad website you are achieving four objectives:

1. You are helping other members of the student rental community.

2. You are advising businesses on what aspects they need to improve on or telling them what works well.

3. If your experience was good, you can highlight the standout performers within the student rental market who go the extra mile for students.

4. By reviewing your letting agency, the student rental community gets smarter as a collective; therefore, we can improve the overall experience for current and future students.

We want to ensure reviews left on this site are genuine as such we encourage students to use their university-accredited email address to verify the review is genuine; WhichPad also allows Student letting Agency to respond to reviews left by students. This will allow them to see what they can improve on, which will improve the standard of accommodation across the UK for students.