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5 Ways To Keep Your Roommates From Driving You Insane.

1.)Be upfront and bold with rules.Lay down all nit-picky rules you’re going to need to beforehand. Even things you think you may never need, such as “Please don’t use my toothpaste,” or “Please make sure your friends don’t write on our walls with chalk.”


2.)Take a break sometimes you need to leave the environment to clear your ahead and most importantly stop yourself from strangling your housemates. We suggest taking a long walk to release all your stress and get your mind off things. Take your mobile with some calming music so when you return to your house you can deal with the problems you face with better state of mind.


3.)Plan cleaning duties in advance to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Discuss duties for cleaning and whose job it is to do what when you move in. Dividing responsibilities of cleaning will make keeping your house cleaner and it will help ease roommate tensions if everyone. Taking out the rubbish, tidying the living room, buying toilet paper, and washing the sink are just a few things to consider.


4.)House mates that smoke: We all know passive smoking can damage your health, but if you’re living with a smoker it can be unavoidable.  We advise you to have the confidence to ask them to smoke outside, or in one particular room, to limit how much you breathe in. Don’t be afraid to Set ground rules – be clear, honest and open about what you want right from the start if you’re living with someone new.


5.)The golden rule: Treat your roommates as you want to be treated. When something is bothering you, tell them in a clear but polite way rather than letting bad feelings build up. And remember that small, nice gestures — like letting them borrow some milk, or using your pasta will help build a stronger relationship over the long term.

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