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Walton Robinson Student Letting Agency Newcastle

Walton Robinson Student Letting Agency Newcastle

101 Percy St, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE1 7RY

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Walton Robinson Student Letting Agency Newcastle: Walton Robinson are registered members of the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) and the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA). This means you can trust us to uphold the high codes of conduct and standards of the associations.

WhichPad enables students to review and rate a letting agency which managed their accommodation. As a former student I know how much of a pain finding accommodation can be and how unhelpful some letting agencies are. The site was built so students could express themselves and be heard while helping prospective tenants make smarter decisions.

Telephone: 0191 243 1000

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    Pathetic service. They make you sign contracts and everything and they dont listen to you. They dont pick up your calls or listen to your problems. All they care about is their rent. Trust me do not choose walton robinson, they are scam and you will regret it. This reputed agency they treat their customers like shit, trust me i have experienced this myself and they surely have lost me as a customer. When it comes to paying rent they call you everyday until they get their rent, but when you have a problem with the apartment they wont even bother doing anything about it. Its been weeks since the issues in my apartment have been fixed and they really dont care all they care about is you giving your rent. And you cant do anything cause you have signed a contract. They charge you a massive amount of administration fee for what, bullshit service. And we are the frekin ones paying the frekin rent then why are the tenants treated like shit and you guys not say anything to the contractors? What is the point of paying the agency so much when they can’t even listen to their customer needs.

    Amy Moore is the property manager and by far she has not been helpful at all. All she says every freking day when you call her and that is if she picked her phone up..”ohh im sorry to hear that, let me leave a message to the contracter and i will get back to you when they respond” And guess what the response never comes. She does not care about her tenants needs and while being the property manager she still does not care about resolving the issues in the apartment. We had asked her to get our couches fixed, and our dish cleaner, it had been weeks or months I don’t even remember, but it still did not get fixed. She will not listen to you all she does is give you bullshitt hope and Lies.


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