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Do We Need Uber In Brighton?

It’s the mobile application that everyone is talking about at the moment causing havoc with its ruthless efficiency and cheap prices from Beijing to San Francisco. It currently operates in 60 countries with a valuation of $50 Billion dollars (£32 Billion).


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What is Uber? If you don’t know what Uber is you must have been living under a rock over the past year? Uber is a mobile app that seamlessly connects riders and drivers, where users can choose from a Toyota Prius to an S-Class Mercedes which will show up at your doorstep at a push of a button. The app — which is available on Android and iOS – sells itself as a safe and reliable way to get on-demand rides in most of the world’s major cities.

Using GPS, it detects your location and connects you with the nearest driver. You can also request a specific type of car if you prefer, such as a luxury ride or a straightforward taxi. The app texts you when the driver arrives giving you the drivers photograph, make and model of car and the car registration and the driver mobile number.
The app also gives you a price estimate, and is cashless — you pay through the app, including tips. You can even split the fare between different riders.

This sounds a lot more appealing than queuing up for a cab just off North Street for starters plus you don’t have to worry about fiddling about with cash at end of the journey half drunk. As you all very well know the cabs in Brighton normally starts at £3.80 before you even get into the cab and then continues to increase dramatically.
To many people this may be seen an as act of extortion as your being charged before you have even received a service. To add insult to injury the metre keeps increasing if you take forever to get out of the house another feature of the Brighton Taxi system.

Alternatively you can catch the 25 into town and the N25 when you are coming back from a night out both trips can be equally as painful. Often there is over crowding which results in no seats for you and your mates to sit down. To make matters worse the bus rarely takes you anywhere near to where your house is when you are coming back from town. The bus journey down Lewes Road is normally accompanied with a 10-15 min walk depending where you live which can be a pain in the neck when you’re hungover.


Now I want you to imagine a future cab journey in Brighton using your Uber app, you can preselect the destination to get a fair estimation. Once you’re happy with the price you then request a car from a location that suits you the car shows up within 5 minutes of your requesting it. When you get into the car the driver gives you and your friend’s bottles of water to nurse the hangover. Instead of queuing for a bus or waiting on a taxi rank you’re in a nice warm car being chauffeured directly to your house. The journey ends where a receipt is automatically sent to your email if you so choose you can split bill with your mates to save yourself some money. This can all be done from a smartphone which every student has nowadays.


Is this the future you want for yourself and your fellow students in Brighton at WhichPad we are pro Uber is this the way forward let us know what you think in the comments below.

3 responses to "Do We Need Uber In Brighton?"

  1. Liam Oct 20, 2015 at 23:09

    Definitely! The convenience is so much better than a normal taxi and also much better in terms of pricing. I also like to know who the driver’s are. Definitely a yes from me.


    • Steven Aug 03, 2019 at 11:02

      All the local taxi companys have apps with all the features of tracking car, estimated fare ect, pay by contactless card, cash , pre pay, account , no cancellation fee , no surge pricing, often cheaper than uber,, all local licenced drivers ,, do beware Uber Brighton mostly use cars and its drivers that are from outside the local area, and a loophole in the law means these cars or drivers can not be checked by taxi enforcement officers, which even the government and all local authorities agree is dangerous,, urgent law change is being held up by Brexit time priority,, Uber is a multi billion wall st company most shares owned by investment bankers which 25% of your fare go’s to, 30% from your favourite takeaway or restaurant profits if you use ubereats, ( use the on line menu and phone your food order it’s cheaper for you web prices are higher) Uber makes a loss of $1 billion every 3 months with predator pricing to wipe out all competition, and slick PR with flying car , Uber submarine development nonsense ,, and with Google’ owned wanamo years ahead with autonomous car progress,,, ##deleteuber


  2. Matt Hogan Nov 19, 2016 at 17:37

    My daughter is at uni in Brighton, and she loves the place.

    Uber Brighton & Hove. Uber driver advanced himself upon my daughter on sat night. She was the last to get out of the cab, and he made a pass at her. I have reported incident to Brighton police.

    Brighton Police advised us not to use Uber, as they are unlicensed drivers, and could be any tom,dick or harry driving one.

    So the residents and visitors of Brighton & Hove are made aware of this. I am not at all happy & disgusted of what the Uber driver attempted to do to my daughter. I am Brighton born and bred, and am amazed how Brighton & Hove City Council can allow these unlicensed Uber drivers to operate in our town. It is very wrong, and putting the public at risk, compromising the public’s safety.


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