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5 Ways To Stay Healthy When Your Roommate Is Sick.

Being sick is no fun at all especially at university when your supposed to be having the best years of your life, to remain healthy  throughout your time at university it is important you remain healthy so that you enjoy yourself. However it is possible you can fall ill through no fault of your own via your roommates.

To try and keep you and your roommates healthy for the up and coming winter be sure to check out WhichPad five tips to remain healthy while living away from home for the first time.

1.) Wash your hands regularly: Many germs are spread by touching an infected surface, so make a habit of washing your hands often.





2.) Take out the rubbish: Make sure you’re disposing of all contaminated materials in a closed container and immediately.




3.) Make sure that you remain hydrated at all times: Hydration is the name of the game, people. Waters, teas and lots of orange juice.





4.) Keep the air circulating in the room: Try to keep the level of fresh air in your room to an all-time high when your roommate is sick.






5.) Strengthen your immune system: There are a lot of ways to keep your immune system strong, like getting lots of rest (no all-nighters) and eating healthy foods (try to cutting back on the kebabs). A lot of people also feel that vitamin C (found in citrus fruits like oranges, or in the vitamin section at the store) can also help strengthen the immune system.


For more tips on how to stay healthy follow the links below:


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