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Liam Simpson 1 Reviews
Great experience

When we began looking for student accommodation for our second year of university, we chose to find the agency that were the best before we chose the house which was best. We got many recommendations from others that Parks were the best letting agents for students, and those recommendations proved very accurate! In the two years that we’ve spent in our property, Parks have shown that they are always attentive to their tenants, always willing and able to provide any necessary solutions in a prompt and incredibly satisfactory manner, and proactive in ensuring not only the best quality of living for us, but managing the relations between landlord and tenant in a professional, friendly and smooth manner. Key to this has been their Letting Coordinator, Lauren Wright, who was at the house to greet us the day we moved in, and has never been further than a phone call away any time we have had any queries. Lauren is incredibly friendly, enthusiastic, engaging and consistent in any dealings or correspondence that we have had. Whilst seeing other students toil away at other notoriously bad letting agents in Brighton, we have had a fantastic experience from the Parks team, led by Lauren, and could not recommend them enough to future tenants, whether they are students or not!

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Zack 1 Reviews
Brilliant throughout!

The staff at the estate agents were amazing throughout the process and couldn’t do more to help. It was never too much trouble for them to help us as students renting our first house! Lauren Wright was particularly helpful, and was very quick to reply to any queries we may of had. Problems were rectified straight away to ensure the process was smooth and enjoyable.

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As is well………untill you want to leave!!!

Parks were really supportive throughout my tenancy with them. But then when it came to leave they informed us that we owed them thousands of pounds in damage to the house. This was a bit of a joke really considering the ‘damages’ they were charging us for was the relandscaping and the vast improvements we had made to the garden (like cutting the grass and adding plants) and items such as cobwebs in areas of the house only a spider could reach!! Luckily we kept the money- they listened to us eventually but only when we called in our parents! Seems they have little respect for students!!

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AJEB 1 Reviews
Most Useless Company Ever

I’ve never experienced a less communicative company with little respect for students, we have chosen our property for its reasonable price and location. However any problem we have it seems to take at least 3 phone calls and have 2 emails ignored before anything gets done. Being told to wait for call backs and house inspections (which never happen). Parks appear to leave everything to last minute or too late, they cause panic and frustration on a regular basis. Discussing contract changes only when prompted (would be handy to know its changed).

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KADT 1 Reviews
helpless agency and landlord wants to make profit out of students deposit

I have been experienced with renting house through park’s letting. Bad service and helpless. Before I moved in the house, Parks has gave me the inventory list of all the furniture in the house as everything are in good condition. By the law, everything in the house has to be in the same condition before moving in and after move out. One of the bed in my room the base was collapsed but is working fine, which it stated in the inventory that “good working condition”. So obviously its their fault for not checking the property probably before letting it. After moving out, they asked me to pay for the bed £120. I tried my best to not pay it by emailing people, look for helps cause I should not be paying anything cause its not my fault. and £120 that the asked me to pay for a second hand bed was ridiculous and on ebay theres exactly the same one for under £120 and landlord claimed that he paid £180 and I contacted landlord and asked him if I can buy him a new bed but he replied he only want the money back so I ended up paying £120 for the bed. And they always do this thing randomly comes in the house without giving any notice

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