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This is by far the worst agency I have collaborated with. They consider students as charitable organizations. The lease looks like a menu at a restaurant. They have charges for anything you can imagine. It’s pathetic. They also charge you for smoking. They force you to provide a guarantor, and if you don’t have any you have to give them the whole amount of money without any discount. They don’t accept payments per month. Only quarterly.

Don’t be bothered to clean the house when you leave. They will find it dirty regardless of its condition. I spent 3 whole days in cleaning, plus money for liquids for the oven etc. and transferring my stuff in my new place. Needless to comment on the cleanliness of the house when I moved in, especially the bathroom and the oven. They should have paid me for leaving the house at a better position that I found it.
They also charged us for a broken bed in a bedroom that we ‘ve never used, however, it was broken when I moved in.

I am a highly educated, serious, down to earth, very clean and tidy person and I have stayed at numerous places in this country including university dormitories, houses, flats from private landlords as well as agencies, far more than undergraduates who just moved outside of their parents place, and I never came across such an unscrupulous agency, so consider my review as 100% accurate.

I could have taken legal action, but unfortunately, this is the only country, contrary to the rest of the world, that protects the landlord, not the tenant.

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