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Good student accommodation makes all the difference

Finding the right place to live plays an important part in making university life a rewarding and memorable experience, according to Bill Franciscy, Head of Residential Services at the University of Greenwich.

The earlier people start looking for accommodation, the more options are likely to be available, whether they are seeking university accommodation or a shared house or flat.

Bill advises all applicants who have accepted a place to contact the university’s Accommodation Office as soon as possible for information about the local areas, lists of landlords or databases of properties to rent.

He says: “Checking out the total cost is very important – most university halls will give you the cost for the room for the academic year and most are inclusive. However, if you are planning to move into a shared house or flat, other bills, including gas and electricity, need to be added into the budget.

“Reading through the small print is also essential –…. Read the rest of the article here at

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