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5 Things you will miss about university

WhichPad would like to congratulate the class of 2015 for finishing their degrees on your behalf we have compiled a list of 5 things you will miss about university.

1. Making new friends was easy: Because the only place where you can find so many people, all in the same boat and away from home, is university.

2. Discounts: When you are at university there seems to be endless discounts on everything from alcohol to shoes. It’s as if the world knows that the struggle is real at university and all your favorites brands are doing their best to help you.

3. Alcohol Tolerance: Your tolerance to alcohol exponentially decreases after your 22nd birthday. Don’t take my word for it just wait.

4. Sleeping in: When you were at university there was nothing better than looking at the clock at 9am not feeling the pressure to get up. You had the option to get up as late as you wanted. This all disappears when you start working your boss won’t tolerate you being late and you risk losing your job if you’re continually late for sleeping in.

5. Summer Holiday: Unless you went into teaching, you probably don’t get to make months off anymore without enduring a serious medical issue. For some students summer holidays at university meant coming home to their parent’s home for 3 months. “Moaning about the lack of part time work”, while watching movies on Netflix on your tablet. Once you leave university and start working full time those 3 months are ruthlessly cut down to two weeks.

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