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Not professional and once I signed the flat I did not exist to them
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This is going to be based off my personal experience living in Terence house in the studio apartments. During the viewing I was asked why I chose this property and I said it was because the distance to Northumbria university and the time I got back home every night at 10pm because of working in the arch studios. The lady failed to mention that the water heating was on only till 7pm so I was left with cold water 1/5 showers. When I confronted LLH the lady quickly responded with “hold on there’s a heating schedule, let me go fetch it real quick” when she told me the heating times I repeated myself on why I had chosen the flat and said on the tenancy agreement I would be provided with hot water, yes I was but it wasnt 24/7 so be careful. She then responded with “so what would you like me to do?” And the whole room went quiet. Well I was sitting there with all eyes facing at us. Really a great experience for a professional letting agent. She gave me contact details to file a complaint, and I did twice to no response. Hob took nearly 2 weeks to fix. (I don’t have to say much) Washing machine breaks down a lot. I’ve lost around £10 worth. Finally I cleaned the house to a state which was better than before I arrived and I got charged around £40 for cleaning and £70 for damaging the walls which needed repainting. That’s just extortionate. Really. The floor when I arrived was dirty which required cleaning and if that coasted them £40ish quid then they need to hire a better cleaning company. I guarantee the money just went to their own pockets. I don’t want to argue about how much was taken out of my deposit because I don’t want to have anything to do with LLH anymore (I went to ask about my deposit just to see when I’d get it back, and the lady I was speaking do was fed up and gave me quite the attitude.) The lady at the office behind the main office was very nice and understanding when I told her that my toilet had broken down during summer and I only knew about this on the day of my arrival back on aug 15 2016 from my summer trip. I understand that LLH get a lot of complaints than positive feedback but please don’t call yourself a professional letting agency when I have to deal with your moodiness because you can’t deal with customers that aren’t not related to me. Some at LLH are really kind, but when needed the most, 80% of the time they just give you unneeded attitude. Most of the people giving 5 stars are either lucky to have good landlords or just no issues with their house. If you are a student who comes home late and would like a warm shower when you’re home I do not recommend Terence House.

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