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1 Reviews

Worst letting agency I have ever come across. This year was our final year of university and Jackson properties made it one of the hardest. 4 months into our tenancy, we we’re served an eviction notice and told that we had to leave the property, this was due to a personal issue with neighbouring students, and the complaints received were completely fabricated. Jackson properties served us an eviction notice based on a word document of lies, that quite frankly could have been submitted by a child. When we pointed out that these claims were completely fabricated and proved to them that the issue was a personal matter, over any real problems, they backed down. Although they never actually withdrew the eviction notice, and we were subject to random house inspections for a period of time, we were also on a final warning that if we did anything at all we would be immediately evicted from the property, despite us proving that there was no issue in the first place. This left us having to complete our final year of university in a horrible environment, which ultimately affected the grades I received for the whole of my degree. Jackson are completely unprofessional and I would strongly advise you to go anywhere, with anyone, but DO NOT use jackson properties. I only rated 1 star as there was no 0 option.

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