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LetsLiveHere Student Letting Agency Newcastle

LetsLiveHere Student Letting Agency Newcastle

132 - 140 New Bridge Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 2SZ

Overall rating of 1.5 based on 1 review.

LetsLiveHere Student Letting Agency Newcastle: Our team has over 30 years’ specialist experience of student lettings, professional lettings and property management in the North East. We’ve built a reputation for being bold and innovative. While we have a solid grounding in the business – valuations, trends analysis, tenant assessments, landlord and tenant law – we’re constantly looking for ways to make processes simpler and more effective. And we have enviable local knowledge – most of our team are North East born and bred.

WhichPad enables students to review and rate a letting agency which managed their accommodation. As a former student I know how much of a pain finding accommodation can be and how unhelpful some letting agencies are. The site was built so students could express themselves and be heard while helping prospective tenants make smarter decisions.

Telephone: 0191 230 5577

Reviews for LetsLiveHere Student Letting Agency Newcastle (1)

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    Not professional and once I signed the flat I did not exist to them

    This is going to be based off my personal experience living in Terence house in the studio apartments.

    During the viewing I was asked why I chose this property and I said it was because the distance to Northumbria university and the time I got back home every night at 10pm because of working in the arch studios. The lady failed to mention that the water heating was on only till 7pm so I was left with cold water 1/5 showers. When I confronted LLH the lady quickly responded with “hold on there’s a heating schedule, let me go fetch it real quick” when she told me the heating times I repeated myself on why I had chosen the flat and said on the tenancy agreement I would be provided with hot water, yes I was but it wasnt 24/7 so be careful. She then responded with “so what would you like me to do?” And the whole room went quiet. Well I was sitting there with all eyes facing at us. Really a great experience for a professional letting agent. She gave me contact details to file a complaint, and I did twice to no response.

    Hob took nearly 2 weeks to fix. (I don’t have to say much)

    Washing machine breaks down a lot. I’ve lost around £10 worth.

    Finally I cleaned the house to a state which was better than before I arrived and I got charged around £40 for cleaning and £70 for damaging the walls which needed repainting. That’s just extortionate. Really. The floor when I arrived was dirty which required cleaning and if that coasted them £40ish quid then they need to hire a better cleaning company. I guarantee the money just went to their own pockets.

    I don’t want to argue about how much was taken out of my deposit because I don’t want to have anything to do with LLH anymore (I went to ask about my deposit just to see when I’d get it back, and the lady I was speaking do was fed up and gave me quite the attitude.)

    The lady at the office behind the main office was very nice and understanding when I told her that my toilet had broken down during summer and I only knew about this on the day of my arrival back on aug 15 2016 from my summer trip.

    I understand that LLH get a lot of complaints than positive feedback but please don’t call yourself a professional letting agency when I have to deal with your moodiness because you can’t deal with customers that aren’t not related to me.

    Some at LLH are really kind, but when needed the most, 80% of the time they just give you unneeded attitude.

    Most of the people giving 5 stars are either lucky to have good landlords or just no issues with their house.

    If you are a student who comes home late and would like a warm shower when you’re home I do not recommend Terence House.

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