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Top 5 Student Takeaways In Brighton Top 5 Student Takeaways In Brighton

Top 5 Student Takeaways In Brighton: Now at WhichPad we know all about takeaways at university, your local fried chicken and pizza shop can be a lifesaver at times especially in winter when you cannot bothered to go shopping or you don’t have the culinary skills to satisfy your hunger.

For this week blog post we have selected 5 of the best takeaways in Brighton for students some of you may agree with this other may not. If we have missed any you or simply want to add to the list for your favourite please leave a comment below.

Kicking it off at number one our list is ever so famous Smoque Grill who specialise in making burgers of gargantuan size they have over 1000 reviews  on Just Eat with an overall rating of 5 stars. Based on Islingroad at the top of Elm Grove Smoque grill have become really popular in Brighton especially around students. All time favourite burgers are Classic Bacon Cheeseburger and Southern Classic Burger.


Holding the number two spot is AA Charcoal Grill if you are based anywhere near Lewes Road you will know about this local kebab shop if you don’t you need to fix up sharpish. Popular meals among students from this kebab joint are the standard Donner Kebab an excellent cure for hangover and the Quarter Pounder Cheese Burger Meal. Pretty standard stuff for a local kebab takeaway none the less AA Charcoal Grill get the job done.


At number three the next takeaway is for all the students that live down the sh*thole named the The Avenue. However not too far from the avenue is a nice little takeaway named Freddys. They specialise in Pizzas and chicken meals. Very popular meals among students that live around Lower Bevendean Avenue and The Avenue at this takeaway is popular menu choices are the Margherita Deep Pan 15” and the Half Pounder Burger.


Coming in at number four is another takeaway from BN2 along the infamous Lewes Road Chicks and Pizza another fried chicken joint which is popular with Brighton students within the surrounding area. None the less they offer some good food at decent prices. Popular choices are Meal Deal 3: Tower burger, medium fries & a can of soft drink and Chicks Combo 3 Pieces chicken, 3 pieces spicy wings, medium fries & a can of soft drink.


Wrapping things at number five located along Ditchling Road is Fiveways Grill yet another kebab, pizza and burger place anyone who did not know better would think that students only eat kebab, pizza and burger they would not be far wrong. However it is a nice place to eat unlike the others mentioned on the list they have a proper seating area. Popular choices to be had from Fiveway Grills include Lamb Donner Kebab: Slices of lamb minced, seasoned & cooked on an upright spear and Mixed Chicken Shish and Lamb Shish Kebab Cubes: of marinated chicken mixed with cubes of marinated lamb shish.


That is for all for this week have any other suggestions feel free to leave a comment below Happy Easter People!!!

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