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The WhichPad team

We're here to help you find an agent you can trust

WhichPad is an online estate agent directory for university students. The website enables students to review and rate a letting agent which managed their accommodation.

We understand the difficulties that can come with finding student accommodation and how problematic some letting agencies can be. The site was built so student’s voices could be heard, whilst helping prospective tenants make smarter decisions.

Aims Of WhichPad

    • To provide a platform for the student community to review letting agents.
    • To help prospective tenants make smarter decisions about which letting agent to rent with.
    • To help improve the standard of accommodation for students who attend a university.
    • To help accredit the letting agencies who provide a good service.

Quality of housing

How was the general state of the house whilst living in the accommodation, was it well kept?
Did the bathroom have good ventilation to prevent mould?
Was the upholstery in a good condition?

Contract explanation

Was it made clear your deposit was protected?
Did you understand what the estate agent’s role would be during the tenancy?
Did you understand what you as tenant had to do i.e. maintenance of the garden if any?


When viewing a property did the estate agent arrive on time?
Did the letting agency have someone already inside the property?

Responsiveness to problems

When a problem occurred during your tenancy (if any) how quickly was it resolved?
Was the estate agent easy to contact or did they ignore calls or emails?
How long did you have to wait to get the problem resolved?

These are just some key points to consider when rating and reviewing your letting agency.